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Do you need to add some excitement to your booth? We can help drive potential sales with our tradeshow traffic builders!

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Bass Fishing

You don't have to buddy up to Charlie Tuna to get hooked on fishing in a stunning virtual lake.

Beer Pong

Beer pong rentals are perfect for: hosting a tournament, fraternity parties, block parties, tailgating, holiday festivities, birthday bashes, game night, work functions and bachelor/bachelorette parties. EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE!

Boogie Lights

Welcome to the future where everyone is a musician and their instruments are beams of light.

Cash Cube

Fill it with real dollars, gift certificates or Monopoly money -- whatever your event's budget allows.

Crane Game

Need a giveaway idea at a tradeshow booth, picnic, or indoor event?

Dance Dance Revolution

Step into the spotlight for the game that will make you feel like you're in a disco inferno!

Dance Heads

DANCE HEADS will keep guests of all ages entertained and coming back for more! Not just lip-synching, not just karaoke.

Daytona 2

Put the pedal to the metal! With vibrant colors and roaring engines, race well known stock cars around the racetrack at unlimited speeds.

F355 Ferrari Challenge

The thrilling driving sensations found in one of the world's most sophisticated racecars, the Ferrari F355.

Giant Lite Brite

A favorite toy from your childhood is getting a super-sized makeover!

Giant Plinko

One at a time, the contestant lays each Plinko chip flat against the top of the board and releases it. As the chip falls, it is deflected by pegs, making it virtually impossible to predict where the chips will land.

Golf Chipping Challenge

Show off your short game.

Golf Driving Range (Radar)

Tee it up and show us your swing!

HD Plasma TV

Wow the crowd with a beautiful full-HD Plasma display!

Huggable Snuggable Bear-Building Station

Get ready to watch your stuffed animal come to life!

Jukebox-Bose Digital Touch Screen

This BOSE digital jukebox will blow you away.

Jumbo Connect 4

The classic Connect 4 game just got “super sized”!


We provide karaoke services specializing in ALL types of music! We have Oldies (50s, 60s and 70s), Rock ‘N Roll, Pop & Hip Hop and everything in between. Our catalog of music boasts over 100,000 songs!


A game of skill, where you're the doctor.


Introducing the Megawire ~ a larger than life carnival game that will test event the most seasoned carnival game players!

Mocap Golf

This game uses the most incredible technology to put you right out on the green.

Photo Booth

The best quality and most reliable photo booth on the market!

Photo Party Kiosk

The Photo Party Station--a sleek alternative to a photo booth.

Picflips Interactive Flipbook Station

PicFlips is a way to bring your parties to life with the newest craze in customized party favors.

Pix Place Photo Booth

The future is here with our Pix Place Photo Booth as it is the first and only photo booth kiosk with built-in Green Screen capability!

Power Pong

PowerPong™ takes a classic college game and brings it to the public. The game is simple. Set up the cups and take turns tossing a ping pong ball into the cups eliminating each cup that you make until you have made all your opponents cups.

Prize Wheel

Great for prize give aways.

Putting Challenge (Electronic)

Perfect your putt without those pesky fairways slowing you down.

Putting Holes

State-of-the-art, perfectly groomed artificial putting greens

Roll a Ball Racing

All the thrills of horse racing compressed into this ever-popular game. Just roll a ball up the table to drop through one of the scoring holes to get your horse running. Keep rolling as fast as you can and try to beat your fellow jockeys.

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