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Buck hunter Safari

Big Buck Safari brings a different tone and feel to the Big Buck franchise, however the same great game that players have come to love is the cornerstone of the game.

Dance Heads

DANCE HEADS will keep guests of all ages entertained and coming back for more! Not just lip-synching, not just karaoke.

Giant Lite Brite

A favorite toy from your childhood is getting a super-sized makeover!

HD Plasma TV

Wow the crowd with a beautiful full-HD Plasma display!

Home Run Derby

This is the ultimate in baseball simulation.


We provide karaoke services specializing in ALL types of music! We have Oldies (50s, 60s and 70s), Rock ‘N Roll, Pop & Hip Hop and everything in between. Our catalog of music boasts over 100,000 songs!

Kick 3

Test and Improve your reaction time and agility in this "Simon Says" Tae Kwan Do game.

King Of The Hammer

Test your power and declare your vigor as you smash the power-gauge with your fullest strength!

Laser Tag

Enter a futuristic, action-packed game-scape.

LED Foosball Table

Our transparent and colorful LED Foosball Table is one-of-a-kind.

LED Ping Pong Table

Our transparent and colorful LED Ping Pong Table is one-of-a-kind.

Mash Machine - Virtual DJ

Mash Machine is a revolutionary music instrument that turns players into DJs in seconds. The intuitive interface allows up to 4 players at the time to create music just by placing and moving blocks on its surface. Our system is built for users of all age

Photo Booth

The best quality and most reliable photo booth on the market!

Photo Party Kiosk

The Photo Party Station--a sleek alternative to a photo booth.

Picflips Interactive Flipbook Station

PicFlips is a way to bring your parties to life with the newest craze in customized party favors.

Pix Place Photo Booth

The future is here with our Pix Place Photo Booth as it is the first and only photo booth kiosk with built-in Green Screen capability!

Power Pong

PowerPong™ takes a classic college game and brings it to the public. The game is simple. Set up the cups and take turns tossing a ping pong ball into the cups eliminating each cup that you make until you have made all your opponents cups.

Roll a Ball Racing

All the thrills of horse racing compressed into this ever-popular game. Just roll a ball up the table to drop through one of the scoring holes to get your horse running. Keep rolling as fast as you can and try to beat your fellow jockeys.

Segway Racers

Segway is a truly unique experience and that will add just the right feel to any event.

Shark Attack Water Racers

The “Shark Attack” Water Racer offered by Plan-It Interctive is the latest and greatest water accuracy shooting game on the planet!

Shooting Gallery

Our fully customizable high-tech shooting gallery is sure to be the hit of your next event!

Sink It (2 units pictured)

Grab a friend and compete head-to-head with the new Sink It Shootout! take better their score!

Skee Ball - LED

Our newest Skee Ball lane is loaded with new features that make the games look great and function effortlessly. The classic game play brings nostalgia to your event, while the sleek, modern design powers it into the future. The new LED lighting and digita

Star Wars Pod Racer

In this race-in-space simulator, you'll hurtle through the Star Wars Pod Racer course at simulated speeds of up to 600 mph!


Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner.

Virtual Fishing

This incredibly realistic experience is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Virtual Graffiti Wall

Interactive Digital Art Wall Photo Booth for Special Event Entertainment 4 Painters at a time! High volume output for events. Everybody gets in on the action!

Virtual Reality Golf

Now you can tee up on a choice of many world famous golf courses, realistically projected onto a larger than life screen.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Planning a gaming event and want to incorporate Virtual Reality headsets? We offer Oculus Rift and Samsung VR rentals for all special events. Renting the virtual reality headset as an add-on device to a gaming PC will enable participants to step into the

Virtual Sportsman

This realistic simulation will amaze you with its true to life feel and accuracy.

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