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Your favorite sports bar is no match for the variety and quality of these Plan>It sports bar games!

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Air Hockey Table

Two-player game in which you guard your goalpost and keep your opponent from scoring.


A totally realistic radical experience but without the broken bones.

Beer Pong

Beer pong rentals are perfect for: hosting a tournament, fraternity parties, block parties, tailgating, holiday festivities, birthday bashes, game night, work functions and bachelor/bachelorette parties. EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE!

Buck hunter Safari

Big Buck Safari brings a different tone and feel to the Big Buck franchise, however the same great game that players have come to love is the cornerstone of the game.

Darts - Electronic

No more questions about scoring - this dart game updates your score as you play.

Double Shot Basketball

Two players, two hoops and a rapidly ticking game clock.

Final Furlong Horse Racing

Horse Racing at its finest!

Foosball Table

Take your skills from the soccer field to the table as you challenge an opponent in this fast moving game.

Foosball Table (10 Player)

Just like a regular Foosball table except now it's SUPERSIZED!

Giant Beer Pong

The original Giant Beer Pong Game that looks and feels great, will last for years and can be played anywhere by anyone.

Golden Tee Golf

One to four players take turns hacking away at an 18-hole course.

HD Plasma TV

Wow the crowd with a beautiful full-HD Plasma display!

Jukebox-Bose Digital Touch Screen

This BOSE digital jukebox will blow you away.

King Of The Hammer

Test your power and declare your vigor as you smash the power-gauge with your fullest strength!

LED Foosball Table

Our transparent and colorful LED Foosball Table is one-of-a-kind.

LED Ping Pong Table

Our transparent and colorful LED Ping Pong Table is one-of-a-kind.

Photo Booth

The best quality and most reliable photo booth on the market!

Pinball: Break Shot

Be the house "Pool Shark" as you aim for the corner pocket to win the tournament.

Pinball: Corvette

Cars is the name of this game.

Pinball: Getaway

Shift into high gear!

Pinball: High Roller Casino

Many surprises await you inside High Roller Casino.

Pinball: Indy

So, think you're a race car driver?

Pinball: Lethal Weapon

Based on the movie of the same name, guide Riggs and Murtaugh through the streets of LA to advance your points.

Pinball: Monopoly

Pass GO, collect lots of fun.

Pinball: NBA Fastbreak

He shoots! He scores!

Pinball: Pennant Fever

Pitch and Bat baseball at it's finest. Listen to the crowd roar as you hit the home run!

Pinball: Pirates of the Caribbean

The greatest pirate adventure of all-time is now a pinball machine!

Pinball: Sharkey's Shootout

Shootout is the first tournament pinball ever.

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Results 1 - 30 of 56
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