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Virtual Reality Golf

Now you can tee up on a choice of many world famous golf courses, realistically projected onto a larger than life screen. Start by selecting the appropriate club, position your feet, swing and connect. When the ball strikes the screen, its image continues in flight down the fairway exactly as you hit it. Sensors on the floor around the tee precisely measure the motion of the ball and the club face as the shot takes place. Using these measurements, the GolfScape computer immediately calculates and displays the ball's true path exactly, beginning from the point of impact on the screen. The ball flies, rolls or bounces down the fairway if it hits a tree, you hear the thump and watch it fall to the ground. If it lands in the water, you wince at the splash, if it catches a sand trap you reach for your sand wedge. When you land on the green, putt out in the booth and watch the result on the screen. 16'Lx16'Wx12'H/req. 10amps

Sample image